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Putting Taxpayers First

It's no secret.  One of the reasons you live in Bedminster is for those deliciously low taxes.  The Bedminster Township Committee manages the municipal line item on your annual tax bill, which comprises about 20% of your total real estate taxes.

The Township Committee's approach to creating the annual budget is simple - taxes are your money, and not ours to waste! That means eliminating unnecessary expenditures, identifying efficiencies, realizing costs savings opportunities through shared service arrangements, and prioritizing capital investments that provide residents the biggest bang for the buck.  It's never easy and necessitates some tough choices, but in the end we live by the credo that low taxes are Job #1 in Bedminster.

This year has presented a unique challenge.  With the pandemic shutting down or severely restricting local businesses, and residents facing increased economic pressures, the Township Committee endeavored to further cut the municipal budget.  This is a challenging task, because the township itself needs to remain fiscally solvent despite lower tax collection rates as the result of the economic downturn.  But through hard work and perseverance, your Township Committee did just that.

This year's municipal budget reduces appropriations by $47K versus 2019.  In addition, thanks to a reduction in our debt service (down $238K), additional shared services savings of $115K and a reduction in employee health care costs of $35K, the municipal tax rate will be .276 (per $100 of assessed value), for a net tax increase of 0.64% versus 2019. 

What's the bottom line?  The average local tax bill1 in Bedminster, based on 2020 assessments, increased by only $5.45 versus 2019.  Last year, Bedminster was recognized by as having the lowest taxes in all of Somerset County.  Running the township like a business allows us to always put taxpayers first.

1Local taxes are comprised of municipal taxes, local open space tax and library tax, but do not include county, county open space or school taxes.

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Jim Christie, Treasurer
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