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Here is what your friends and neighbors are saying about Colin:

Committeeman Colin Hickey is always working to improve the lives of our residents.  Frankly, it is difficult for me to reduce Colin's impact to a few lines.  Whether it is confronting JCP&L on inconsistent electricity service, bringing high-speed internet to the Hills, updating our zoning to facilitate new uses for older buildings, or bringing flu shots to Bedminster, Colin is a ready and tireless champion.  He is always listening to our residents and ready to act on their behalf.  During Colin's tenure on the Township Committee, we have seen services increase and taxes remain low.  Regardless of your party affiliation, join me in re-electing Colin Hickey to the Bedminster Township Committee. — Larry Jacobs
Bedminster Mayor

I have been fortunate to have worked with Colin Hickey on both the Bedminster Township Environmental Commission and the Bedminster Township Committee, and I can say that one of Colin’s finest traits is his kind and generous spirit toward all Bedminster residents.  Colin sees only the best for them and he is fully committed to getting the right thing done.  Colin is keenly aware of the effect our township taxes have on residents of every income level and he is diligent about maintaining our low rates.  His generous spirit extends to the many hours he has spent working with the residents of the Hills who have issues with their electrical service, and he has taken the lead in the American Water rate hike issue that affects all of us.  He is a tireless volunteer at the Farmers Market where our community comes together to share good times and good food.  Colin is what our small town needs, compassion and common sense for all.  Please join me in voting for Colin Hickey for Township Committee.

— Renee Mareski, Bedminster Township Committeewoman

I had the pleasure to serve with Colin on the Bedminster Township Committee in my last few years as Mayor; he brings insight to local government that continues to make it more responsive to the taxpayer. My favorite phrase from Colin is, “we should spend the peoples’ money like we spend our own money." He continues to fight to ensure the municipality collects no more taxes from you than necessary and that money is spent wisely. I will be voting to re-elect Colin Hickey to the Bedminster Township Committee, I hope you join me. — Steve Parker, former Bedminster Mayor

Colin has a proven track record of truly caring and wanting to make a difference in the community he serves as a Township Committee member. I’ve witnessed firsthand Colin’s commitment to the community during the pandemic - spearheading the township resource guide, organizing and manning the Bedminster pop-up food pantry and advocating for the health and well-being of our residents. His positivity has been contagious during this uncertain time, and he has been an inspiration to myself and others to want to do more to help our friends and neighbors. — Gina Fernandez, Bedminster Township Committeewoman

I have had the pleasure of working with Colin first on the Bedminster Township Environmental Commission and now on the Land Use Board. As a community leader in the Hills, I appreciate his tireless work with local utility companies to address outages and other issues for the residents of Bedminster. Colin has invested his personal time and effort to create and operate the Bedminster Food Pantry to aid struggling residents throughout the CoVid19 pandemic. He also volunteers at Bedminster's popular Farmers Market during the summer and fall. In addition to all of this, he has been instrumental on the Township Committee in keeping Bedminster's taxes as low as possible. Colin is an incredible asset to our community, and will continue to be so! Please join me in supporting Colin with your vote! — Jeffrey S. Leonard, Vice Chair, Bedminster Township Land Use Board

If I had to summarize Colin Hickey’s tenure on the Township Committee in only a few words, the first that come to mind are: dedicated, willing, hard-working and dependable.  Whether it’s leading our Township-wide discussions with JCP&L on infrastructure improvements, monitoring NJ American Water’s application for rate increases, disseminating meaningful information to Township residents over social media or faithfully performing the routine tasks of the job, Colin has a proven record of dedicated service to the entire Bedminster community.  He is a willing leader, ready to engage at a moment’s notice as evidenced by his tireless work with our pop-up pantry and Farmers Market.  Colin’s daily effort, helping feed those in need during the COVID-19 health crisis, has been nothing short of inspirational.  Perhaps what I admire most about him is his dependability and work ethic.  Regardless of the issue, the one thing you can always count on is that Colin will give you everything he has.  I enthusiastically endorse Colin Hickey for re-election this November 3, 2020 and encourage you to do the same!

— Doug Stevinson, Bedminster Township Committeeman

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